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Your Personal Prophecy

your personal prophecy

With your personal prophecy, YOU have the power.

Here is a prophetic thought. You have the power to create. What if God appeared to you right now and said, “I guarantee you that in five years time, you’ll be a billionaire, with a family that loves you. You’ll help the world. You will be a great contribution.” What will you do? With your personal prophecy ,you can experience prophetic thought about your life from the heart of the Father.

your personal prophecy

Open your mind with your personal prophecy.

Will you tell someone about it? Will your conversations be filled with ideas as to what you can do with your money, with your family? When you receive your personal prophecy will you talk about conversations about how you can make a contribution? Using future-based language and your personal prophecy is like opening the door to another realm. Your personal prophecy opens your mind to a brand new tomorrow. When you use future-based language and your personal prophecy, you express the world in terms of what it could be not just what it is. Declare that it is important that you go to the next level and take a step forward. Have the courage to say, “I think it’s time for us to do better.” Say out loud that you want to make good changes and move forward instead of simply staying at the same place. Successful people, companies and groups are people who are aware of their power to make changes and to craft their dreams into reality; regardless of the situation they are currently in. When you receive your personal prophecy, Create your world and make a statement about the things that you want to see more of in life. Your present-language shouldn’t dwell on the past. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to change the past but you can transform the future when you recieve your personal prophecy. But the only way you can transform the future, is to do it in the present with your personal prophecy. Have you ever caught yourself rethinking the things you’ve done in the past and replaying the regrets and mistakes that you’ve gone through? Some people get so caught up in their past that they forget that they have the opportunity to move into a new future. They live their lives as though there’s no getting past what they’ve already committed. Respect what has been but realize there is more to life than that. In fact, your story is continuously unfolding and what you must do is move with it.

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7 thoughts on “Your Personal Prophecy

  1. Cornelius says:

    Thanks Bishop For The Great Work You Are Doing As I Hopefully Await For My Prophecy May God Bless You

  2. Cornelius says:

    thanks bishop for the mighty work you are doing may the almighty bless you as i hopefully await for my prophecy

  3. Luthando says:

    Thank you man of God,i pray God can change my life and my family and people who around me

  4. Joseph Martin says:

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding ( take your mind out of it) acknowledge Him in all your ways and he will direct your steps. Proverbs 3:5-6 just trust him he will do it because he said he would.

  5. william theniko says:

    Times and times ..give my datas. But none prophecy came to my mail….

  6. Lateshia Higgins says:

    What ever you do never give up on God…….always remember that we are on His time and not the othe way around. Have faith as well as believing because without the faith how could you know how to or what love is. Maybe God trying to tell you something or talk to you before he bless you again. Know that he do enough for us every min and sec or everyday each time we take a breath. I tell you things from what i know and not what i was told…..believe me i have been through the most from molestations rape and all….i been looking for that Man everywhere since i was a kid….under the pillows in the closet etc.
    Long story short I kept going through stuff until i figured it out. God came to me and told me how do i expect him to do more that what he been doing if i have not been doing nothing for him in return…..after really thinking about it i said you know what Lord you are right as always anyway because He is never wrong then i thought about what he ask of me which is not alot at all……10 commandment……i wish i could say that i learned my lesson but i cant cause i would be telling a story and a backslide over and over again until a couple years ago and no im still not perfect and i still have flaws so lets just say im more cautious now working on me praying for the day i am perfect in his sight…confessing with my mouth that i am a sinner and that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me and as long as believe this in my heart and follow all his laws decrees and statues……anything i ask i shall recieve…..not on my time but in time……as a woman cover your head when you knee to pray……God will hear you better cause its his way even though he everywhere and your body is your temple….you want to prepare a prayer time for yourself everyday….go somewhere closed off get on your knees cover your head with a towel or scarf or something and pray then finsh off with saying these words……( NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME OR MY FAMILY SHALL OR WILL PROSPER IN THE SWEET NAME OF JESUS WHO I KNOW AS CHRIST…….AMEN LORD
    Thing go start turning around for you just wait and see…….how all is well and may God bless you your husband and kids as a family and may God bless you with all your needs

  7. Raymary Paulsen says:

    Good day

    hi im facing many problems and life in very difficult situation im unemployed with 2 kids on school they father also lost his jobs last year october and its really difficult everyday to put bread on table. At times i feel like give up hope cause i dont know where to go and what to do anymore i keep pray and pray but its like my prayer dont get answered by god. Im thankfull for god for me and my familly health for his carering over us but i need for him to listen to my prayer to see my heart and make a breakthrough open doors for me and my kids. God blessed

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