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An unexpected happening is about to occur in your life

This is between you and God, because the unexpected happening is about to occur. I see the unexpected happening for you in 2020. 


As I look in the Spirit, I see you praying about your finances and a specific relationship! You’ve been pouring your heart out unto the Lord concerning these matters and you’ve been praying that God would restore a situation that has left things somewhat scornful. As the Lord continues to show me parts of your life even now, I hear His voice suddenly beginning to speak forth several things about you.


The Holy Spirit says, 2020 shall be a year My presence must be established within every relationship even now, because it will create a prophetic clearing for the answers you’ve been praying for! All you have to do is believe the prophet and prosper!” Hallelujah!

2020, shall also be known as a year of healing and physical restoration! Angels of healing shall find thee to answer specific ailments in your body. Divine healing is about to occur even now as God begins to do the work, in Jesus’ name!”

The UNEXPECTED is about to be released concerning some finances and a specific connection that will propel your financial state in a miraculous way.”  

The Scripture declares, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing.” (Proverbs 25:2)

As you believe God on today, I declare that God is going to reveal an unexpected happening in your life that will bring you into uncommon favor. Receive the unexpected happening for you! 

As I look deeper into the Spirit, I also see the Lord bringing your relationship with people and money out of the valley of dry bones! Everything connected to you is going to bring forth liquidity and structure in 2020, as you remain obedient to God!

You are being revived even now from stagnation that you may continue to move in the ways God has called you to move in! The unexpected is about to occur!

As I am writing this blog, I feel like the Prophet Jeremiah, because there is a word that is in my heart for you that’s like a fire that is shut up in my bones! Are you ready to access your answer? 

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