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Seeking Guidance

1Where do you seek your guidance? From whom do you seek wisdom? You obviously do not seek these things from strangers. That person must know you from the inside out. The prophet can help you with this because He gives out advice that comes from God, who knows YOU inside out.

Seeking advice or guidance from anyone becomes an easier process once you have built a solid relationship with that person. It is generally easier to hear feedback when you know that a person has your best interests at heart. Just as in any type of relationship, the ingredients remain the same – it takes time, effort and good communication. Ultimately, this is what bonds us towards another, this sense of respect enables us to build a relationship despite the differences we may have. Like any relationship, this will take time and should progress on its own means.

Strengthen your relationship with God and start having the right kind of guidance from a powerful source, God. Speak to a prophet today and ask about your free written prophecy. Get the wisdom and guidance that you need and make the best life decisions starting now. CLICK HERE!

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2 thoughts on “Seeking Guidance

  1. Alleta magagula says:

    Greetings bishop jordan,i would like to recieve my daily prophecy from you,please in JESUS,sname amen

    • Bishop Bernard Jordan says:

      Alleta, fill out the information on the web form for a free prophecy. You can receive your free prophecy and daily prophetic updates.

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