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Make Changes for Manifestation to Happen

Are you ready to make the changes for manifestation to happen?

Some people are worried about making changes because they are uncertain about the consequences. But with the help of God, we can make the right choices and push the enemy out of our space and out of our lives. 

God will always give you a signal that points to change. These signals may not necessarily be obvious or pleasant, yet nonetheless, you must recognize them and prepare yourself for change. These signals will even come from angels you meet in the form of men and women. 

Angels are activated to help take away the burdens being experienced by the people of God. Today, I want you to begin to discover the forms that your angels have taken in your past moments of doubt and how God used them to bring you through.

I want you to do this prophetic exercise:

  1. – Examine a few of the mistakes you have made in the past and ask yourself, what forms did your angels take to warn you before any of the mistakes were made?
  2. – Discover in what ways have you acknowledged or ignored them.
  3. – Given your results, what new steps will you take to acknowledge your angels.

Your attention is being called to acknowledge your angels. What you have experienced over the last nine months has been nothing short of a miracle. What looked like a dead-end road, with no hope of coming out of your financial crisis, is turning in your favor. Your Prosperity Angel is throwing out an anchor that will cause your life to settle. 

There will be many people who will miss their angels in this season, and as a result, they are going to miss many opportunities. But because of your faith, your angels are coming to help you make the right changes that will lead to your manifestation

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