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Are you living your life the way you want it to be?

In reality, life isn’t tied in with getting yourself; it’s tied in with making yourself. That is why most people frequently feel like they are being “trapped” in life at some point. Sometimes you think that you are not good enough or might not be able to fit other people’s standards and most often than not, you feel unworthy. 


Now and then, you believe that you shouldn’t have powerful urges. Start to focus at whatever point you hear yourself state “should.” This word infers judgment. 


If you notice, whatever point you tell yourself like you should purchase another vehicle, call an ex-sweetheart, go to that occasion, or welcome somebody into your home, it seems as though you are reacting to what you believe will fit the standard of the society or other people. Like your friends or some other irrational standards whether genuine or envisioned. From now on, create a bucket list and start living life to the fullest! 


This astounding conviction that we ought to do certain things over others is molded by our introduction to the world, childhood, and condition. Others have formed our feeling of what is worthy and what isn’t unsuitable. You have to learn how to stop living under someone else’s dream. 


The Lord says this is a radiant minute in time for you, in light of the fact that an early advance making a course for showing your fantasies is the incredible choice that you will carry on with your life as per your own measures over the benchmarks of others. As your own prophet, the basic inquiry I should now pose to you. Is it accurate to say that you are CURRENTLY LIVING YOUR LIFE OR SOMEONE ELSE’S? 


As I look in the Spirit, the Lord is indicating me a few occurrences where you have ended up making uncomfortable penances. You’ve got things done for others to the detriment of your own satisfaction. 


I likewise observe those minutes in your home where you’ve twisted around in reverse, endeavoring to assuage the worries of those you love. Spend time with your loved ones and don’t be afraid to express what your real hearts desire. Do not stop living just because it is what the society thinks is appropriate instead, start living your life to the fullest and cherish every single moment. 


You’ve given the best pieces of you to satisfy the lives of everyone around you. In any case, today, the Lord says it’s an ideal opportunity to live for you! Thank heaven! Father, we thank You for Your effortlessness and benevolence! 





The next time you start doubting yourself, you must begin to believe that you are the author of your own future! You must begin to create who and what you desire to be! Hallelujah!


It couldn’t be any more obvious, you should start to accept that you are the creator of your own future! You should start to make who and what you want to be! 




Step forward on the grounds that its time you grasp a resolute reason to make the existence you want to live in 2020! At the point when you have this sort of certainty and reason, individuals who may bring negative things into your life are naturally rejected from your life! Create the life that you deserve! 

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