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It’s Time The God In You Intrudes On Your Intruders!

The Lord says, “In order to draw those who will reward you, you must first disconnect from those who are robbing from you because these individuals are only INTRUDERS to your destiny!”


See, just like in John chapter 8, you are facing circumstances like the adulteress, because you are also surrounded by accusers who desire to rob you of the life that God is calling you into!


There are several individuals around you who are quick to call you for assistance, but they are nowhere to be found when you are in need of assistance! Is this making sense to you?





Proverbs 29:24 tells us…


“He who is a partner with a thief hates his own life!”


The truth is, if you’re having a difficult time “loving” the life you’ve been living thus far, it’s time to evaluate whether you’ve partnered up with a thief (or thieves) this entire time! 


Here’s why: You can’t draw the right people to you because your robbers are always around to repel the good that God wants you to draw into your life! Have you ever had a good friend who only preferred the pleasure of your company as opposed to the company of your associates? That’s because they are able to recognize the INTRUDER SIGNALS of those who seek to rob them and intrude on their peace of mind!


God says, “Because of your act of faithful obedience to My instruction, there are 8 INTRUDER SIGNALS, I will begin to show you that will cause you to identify the ROBBERS in your life! As you begin to identify and REMOVE each one, you will begin to draw those who will reward you through Divine favor!”


The 8 INTRUDER SIGNALS you will identify…
  1. Anyone who acts entitled to whatever they’re taking from you.
  2. Anyone who believes that you and everyone else must make them happy.
  3. Anyone who doesn’t apologize to you but expects you to.
  4. Anyone who doesn’t regret robbing you yet regrets they didn’t take more.
  5. Anyone who isn’t compelled to say thank you when you give to them.
  6. Anyone who holds you accountable yet evades being held accountable.
  7. Anyone who acts as if they are never wrong.
  8. Anyone whose wish is your command and is upset when you don’t comply.


God says, “Don’t become paranoid, but do become mindful of people with these 8 awful qualities and just say, “No,” before you become involved with them!” 



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