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God Is Faithful to Provide Everything

It’s no secret that this pandemic has affected millions of people. The truth is, many people are struggling just to survive and make ends meet. It’s been hectic navigating through this storm called COVID-19, but we should continue to stand on the promises of God.

Are you standing on the promises of God? It’s extremely important that you position yourself prophetically during this period. 

As a prophet, I have vowed to maintain my relationship between my Heavenly Father and I, because the Lord is the One who first loved me and provided for me. I believe that God is faithful to provide everything. He provides us the seed of provision. Even as He calls us to sacrifice first, to declare our trust in Him, He is the One who provided the seed by which we can sacrifice.   

Right now, I encourage you to continue to keep your faith burning because during this pandemic, it is vital that you continually exercise your faith for you and your family. Your faith is going to cause an angelic visitation to occur!  

Your angel will lead your eyes to ONLY see MONEY opportunities!

Your angel will lead your ears so you can hear God!

Your angel will lead your hands to only seize your blessings!

Your angel will lead your mouth to only summon forth abundance!

Your angel will lead your mind to only attract increase in your life!

Your angel will lead your heart from being troubled by COVID-19!

Your angel will lead your family to bring you peace of mind!

Your angel will lead your finances to break the back of lack!

Listen, when there’s an angel that roams, the enemy cannot enter our homes.  The enemy wants to enter our homes, but the angel of God will be there to stop it. 

“Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.”- Exodus 23:20

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