• Exercising Authority

    Exercising Authority

    God created man for the purpose of dominion. He was to rule over creation. There is a law of dominion: anything over which a person does not have dominion has dominion over that person. We are either in control in God or we are controlled outside of God. The power of prophecy reveals your purpose […]

  • The Unconditional Love of God

    The Unconditional Love of God

    There are few people now understand what true love is, nor we comprehend the unconditional love of God which sent Christ to dies for our sin. The love of God is unconditional, it matter not who we are, nor what we have done. God is love. God does not not love you for who you […]

  • Unity in the Church

    Unity in the Church

    Leaders in our church and in our community must be highly respected. We must remember that God has anointed them to lead His people. He has a particular purpose and use for them. Our relationships with those in leadership are especially important. They should be as fathers to the members, pouring their lives into the […]