• The Prophetic Word is Get Wealth

    The Prophetic Word is Get Wealth

    The prophetic word is to get wealth in this season. Are you positioned for prosperity? In what level are you in your spiritual walk? Do you have this feeling of being completely burned out, but you still don’t get yourself any progress? You may be wandering around, waiting for blessings to flow. Then, you just […]

  • Looking For Him?

    Looking For Him?

    In pursuing and establishing a relationship with Him plays a significant role in the quality of your prosperity. That is why you must diligently seek Him with our hearts. As you seek God, He will reveal Himself to you, and you will see God’s hand operating in your life. Spending time with Him give you the tools […]

  • What is Your Vocation?

    What is Your Vocation?

    Aside from the religious life, normal everyday people who are not in the priesthood are also called to their own unique vocation. He created you and Himself so be assured that He has made a place for you in his salvific plan. Establish your role in the world to fit the nature of God’s plan. […]

  • Religious Life as Prophetic Life Form

    Religious Life as Prophetic Life Form

    Religious Life has been called a prophetic life form both in official documents and in spiritual writing almost since its inception. The meaning of this affirmation, however, is often unrealistically romanticized or left so piously vague as to be useless. In the current situation in which the nature of ministerial religious life as a prophetic life form in […]

  • Should We Fear God?

    Should We Fear God?

    The Fear God Some may wonder if we should fear God. Fear is word that most of us associate with terror and anxiety. Does the Lord want us to fear HIM? Does He want us to fear him like a tyrant? Does God want a healthy fear of Him, as we would have in a serious […]

  • God’s Kingdom is within Us

    God’s Kingdom is within Us

    Christ was once asked when the kingdom of God would come. The kingdom of God, Christ replied, is not something people will be able to see and point to. Then came these striking words: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) With these words, Christ […]

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