• Declare “I Can” With Divine Action

    Declare “I Can” With Divine Action

    Today, the Lord wants to share with you one of the most upstanding truths: Once you decide what you want, you must begin to think and say,“I CAN”, over the words, “I CAN’T”. Whenever you say “I CAN”, the Holy Spirit will begin to stir up DIVINE ACTION inside of you!   I’m sure you’ll […]

  • Divine Future Is In Your Hands

    Divine Future Is In Your Hands

    Your future is in your hands. Whatever you achieve comes from what you expect to achieve!   To be able to connect with your own best vision of how your life could be, you need to look beyond the presumptions and mental limitations of others. Sometimes, the opinions of others are just the ones that […]

  • Breakthrough Your Special Spiritual Instruction

    Breakthrough Your Special Spiritual Instruction

    Do you know what a SPECIAL SPIRITUAL INSTRUCTION is? Special spiritual instruction is simply a spiritual (faith) instruction from God that stretches you beyond all limitations you perceive in the natural world, to bring you into something inexplicably special like the SUPERNATURAL! Special spiritual instruction is not just an instruction from God. You can turn a Special […]

  • Achieve Your Destiny

    Achieve Your Destiny

    Do you sincerely want to achieve your destiny? What are you doing right now to achieve it? Don’t leave your destiny to chance. Do not let your fear or limitations prevent you from experiencing a powerful change in your life. A little faith can go a long way…   Fear not, for I am with […]

  • Have Nothing to Hide

    Have Nothing to Hide

    From time to time, we feel embarrassed by things we try to keep in secret. We fear being judged by others and becoming ostracized by society. We often hide our failures and put on masks to hide our disappointments. Some even put on a facade just to make themselves be accepted by others, thinking that […]

  • The Divinity in You

    The Divinity in You

    The trials in our life come to make us realize what we are truly made of. You don’t need to go far and beyond to find yourself. You simply have to turn inward and discover the amazing essence that is within. The DNA of God is in you because HE IS your father. DNA is […]

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