• Whom Are You Ministering To?

    Whom Are You Ministering To?

    God is a God of order. If you miss the order, you will miss God. There are many individuals who thought they were ministering unto the Lord, only later to discover they have never ministered unto the Lord. It was just an illusion. Remember, your ministry is to your mentor. God will always assign you […]

  • You Have the Power to Create

    You Have the Power to Create

    The power to create things and events in your life is within your hands. Anything that enters your life without your permission is a thief. Therefore, you must declare all things in the consciousness of “I Am” so that nothing or no one can rob you of the true essence of your being. When you […]

  • Are You Salty

    Are You Salty

    What does it take to be seasoned? How would one maintain their flavor in the kingdom? To be seasoned to be salty is tobe preserved by our Savior, and forsaking all to gain all through and by following Christ. If we have one foot on the world and one foot in the church we cannot serve […]

  • Connecting with God in Our Modern life

    Connecting with God in Our Modern life

    One of the biggest areas of our spiritual life that we feel needs constant attention is staying connected to God in the middle of normal life. Maybe it is just us but we find it very difficult to get the balance of living a busy life as a stay at home, whilst still remain focus on God and […]

  • What Are You Envisioning?

    What Are You Envisioning?

    A prophet’s job is to send God’s message to the world and inform individuals of their purpose and prophetic destiny. There are times though when we just leave everything up to God and don’t make any effort in making things happen for ourselves. When the prophet speaks into your life he creates forms and shapes. […]

  • How to Increase Our Faith

    How to Increase Our Faith

    It is important to us to show people from the Scripture that God has not blessed one person with more faith than God has blessed someone else. When people see someone prospering according to the Word, they get the mistaken impression that He must have given that person more faith. The first thing we need to know is […]

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