• All Work and No Reward

    All Work and No Reward

    Have you been working so hard for years and still feel like you haven’t reaped the benefits? Do you feel disheartened about how the financial aspect of your life is going? You and a million others probably feel the same way about their career. You then tend to question yourself and ask if you’re doing […]

  • The Ideal Context of Our Lives

    The Ideal Context of Our Lives

    God as a priority, however, is the ideal context of our lives. “Context” pertains to one’s mindset. Unlike content, a person has full control over their context, if they choose it. When you set God as your context, everything that happens to you is perceived in the light of your relationship with God. When we […]

  • Your Dry Season Is Coming To An End!   

    Your Dry Season Is Coming To An End!  

    The prophetic word to you is that your dry season is coming to an end. What if I told you, your prophetic word, your free prophecy that you will receive in 24 hours will end the dry season that you are in. “This is a trustworthy saying. And I want you to stress these things, […]

  • A Free Prophecy from the Master Prophet

    A Free Prophecy from the Master Prophet

    In the Old Times, specifically during the Bible times, prophecies were delivered to men through the prophets- the same thing with how it is today. However, they differ in the sense that prophecies in the Old Times were given with indirect words, meaning, people still have to think deeply of what that certain prophecy is […]

  • Answers to your questions

    Answers to your questions

    When people hear the word, “Prophet” they often think about the ancient times when old men would prophesy in front of crowds and tell them about God’s message. While this is true, it was also 2,000 years ago. Modern prophets are now around to still declare God’s message to you. They are here to serve […]

  • Living in Sin

    Living in Sin

    Sin is defined as choosing to do wrong and not doing the right thing based from God’s laws and commandments.Sin separates us from God. As the bible says, “But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:2, NIV). If […]