• A Day of Rest

    A Day of Rest

    When God created the world, it took Him six days to finish His creation; and on the seventh day, He rested. In commemoration of the creation, God hallowed the seventh day and intended that man may rest on that day. How are we treating the Sabbath? As God intended or as we please? The Sabbath […]

  • Finding Purpose with Prophecy

    Finding Purpose with Prophecy

    Why Should We Find Purpose with Prophecy ? There are many people who are lost in this world. They are lost because they feel like they do not know what they were meant to do and how they’re supposed to live. They are lost because they do not know who they are and who they […]

  • How Are You Living?

    How Are You Living?

    People nowadays are so busy with work and trying to get as much money has they can that they forget how to truly “live”. Even Christians who work in big corporations and are bosses in their companies have forgotten to offer their days to God and live the way God has intended them to live. […]

  • Making Big Decisions

    Making Big Decisions

    Decision-making is hard for people most especially when it involves affecting other people in the process. Fathers, for example are the breadwinners and decision-makers in the family. They make sure that everything is in tip-top condition and all the members are happy and taken care of. They make the big decisions in life, so they […]

  • Your Timing vs. God’s Timing

    Your Timing vs. God’s Timing

    There are times when we pray for something and it doesn’t happen right away. This leads us to being frustrated and doubting the power of God. But what we don’t know is that God has His own timing. And His timing my actually be very different from what we expect. Prophetic timing is God’s timing. […]

  • All Work and No Reward

    All Work and No Reward

    Have you been working so hard for years and still feel like you haven’t reaped the benefits? Do you feel disheartened about how the financial aspect of your life is going? You and a million others probably feel the same way about their career. You then tend to question yourself and ask if you’re doing […]

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