• Start Creating

    Start Creating

    Do you believe that you can create your own prosperity and abundance?  The power of prophecy allows you to have a prophetic voice. Meaning, you have the power to let things happen the way you want them to. One of the most powerful secrets to your prophetic voice is that nothing will ever be in […]

  • Who Are These Prophets?

    Who Are These Prophets?

    Where do prophets come from? And how does God choose them? We often think that prophets are these perfect beings who have no problems and have lived  a life of abundance. But what you don’t know is that prophets often face the most trials in their lives. All prophets appear on the earth as orphans.  […]

  • Wait Patiently Upon The Lord

    Wait Patiently Upon The Lord

      Are you willing to wait patiently upon the Lord? Does waiting for him create a significance in your life? Waiting patiently for our Lord is something we should be proud of. The Lord is deserving of every bit of our time. He deserves every minute and every second of our lives. Now, if you […]

  • On Spiritual Discipline

    On Spiritual Discipline

      What is your Spiritual Discipline? When you start your journey as a Christian, you become very excited to do your daily devotions and serve in the church ministry. It’s like coming form a church camp and you’re on fire to do so many things to make God happy. You are very focused on serving […]

  • Are You Spiritually Healthy?

    Are You Spiritually Healthy?

    Many people consider themselves as “spiritual” these days. They say that they are not “religious” but they are spiritual. But what is true spirituality? True spirituality is being one with God and having a deep connection with Him. It is finding peace and resting in the confidence that God is with you. Your spiritual health […]

  • Think Before We Speak and Make Promises We Intend to Keep

    Think Before We Speak and Make Promises We Intend to Keep

    God spoke to Moses: “When a person betrays his trust and unknowingly sins by straying against any of the holy things of God, he is to bring as his penalty to God a ram without any defect from the flock, the value of the ram assessed in shekels, according to the Sanctuary shekel for a […]

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