• Are You Spiritually Healthy?

    Are You Spiritually Healthy?

    Many people consider themselves as “spiritual” these days. They say that they are not “religious” but they are spiritual. But what is true spirituality? True spirituality is being one with God and having a deep connection with Him. It is finding peace and resting in the confidence that God is with you. Your spiritual health […]

  • Think Before We Speak and Make Promises We Intend to Keep

    Think Before We Speak and Make Promises We Intend to Keep

    God spoke to Moses: “When a person betrays his trust and unknowingly sins by straying against any of the holy things of God, he is to bring as his penalty to God a ram without any defect from the flock, the value of the ram assessed in shekels, according to the Sanctuary shekel for a […]

  • Deepening Your Faith

    Deepening Your Faith

    We all want to grow as individuals, not only in our own skills and talents, but also in our spiritual lives. There are things that you would love to know about your life, but you don’t really know where to start or how to do it. Where can you go? You must connect to a […]

  • Hear It from the Prophets

    Hear It from the Prophets

    Just like the innocent sheep in the pasture, we have been put into this world without any idea on how our lives would really go. Yes, we do know that God has a wonderful plan for all of us, but we never know what that plan is, not until we step into that circle of […]

  • The Power of Human Connection

    The Power of Human Connection

    The principle of connection is a tad underrated. We all make connections with people and we communicate everyday. This is such a normal and natural thing for us that we don’t notice how these connections, affect our lives and the lives of others. When things go wrong, you often look to yourself for the fault, […]

  • Prophets give you wisdom that only comes from God

    Prophets give you wisdom that only comes from God

    The prophetic gift is a wonderful blessing to the church. The prophet is God’s mouthpiece who edifies and encourages us through the declaration of His Word. When we are search of wisdom, the prophet can guide and help us make decisions in life. Decision-making is very difficult for us especially if it will make a […]

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