• Avoid Wastefulness

    Avoid Wastefulness

    Wasting is a form of stealing because, similar to greed, it takes more than what is needed or necessary from the shared pool of resources belonging to all of humanity. The poor and the needy are deprived of their right to eat because these sinners chose to take more than what was needed, resulting in […]

  • Intellectual Stealing

    Intellectual Stealing

    What is intellectual stealing? Intellectual stealing can come in two forms: piracy and plagiarism. The contemporary definition of piracy is an unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work. Plagiarism, on the other hand, is similar. Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. Some people […]

  • Wasting is a Form of Stealing

    Wasting is a Form of Stealing

    Another act that violates the 8th commandment is wasting or squandering. When one wastes, he or she expends goods and resources carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose. This act unjustly deprives other people of such goods and resources. What could have been shared with another in need was uselessly and unfairly splurged. Wasting is a […]

  • Be Responsible for Your Relationship

    Be Responsible for Your Relationship

    You need to take care of your own relationship. If you say you are with this person because you love him or her, then take the time to tend to this relationship. How much time do you spending thinking about, complaining about, what he or she is doing wrong? You need to be aware of […]

  • What Do You Do for Love?

    What Do You Do for Love?

    Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them. (Colossians 3:19) What you do for love reflects your nature. Your actions reveal who you are, what you prioritize, what you believe in, and what you’re capable of. Your actions distinguish who we truly are. You must pay attention to the things you do […]

  • Negotiables vs Non-Negotiables in a Relationship

    Negotiables vs Non-Negotiables in a Relationship

    What are the negotiables? What are the non-negotiables? For example, if your partner is a basketball fan and you’re not so fond of the sport, will you spend your Saturdays watching his games to support his interests? On the other hand, if your girlfriend is a vegetarian, will you give up eating meat? There are […]

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