• Valuing Acceptance vs. Own Principles

    Valuing Acceptance vs. Own Principles

    In order to adhere to the 9th commandment, one is required to be authentic about his or her beliefs. People who lie about their beliefs give false testimony about themselves. They use deceit in order to appear differently to other people. In the world we live in today, it is quite common for Christian people […]

  • Breaking of a Promise

    Breaking of a Promise

    Another violation of the 9th commandment is the breaking of a promise. When you promise to do something, this must be followed through. Otherwise you will have testified falsely by stating an intent and plan to act, yet not actually doing so. In the Bible, there are several accounts that speak against false promises. In […]

  • White Lies Don’t Lead to the Best Outcome

    White Lies Don’t Lead to the Best Outcome

    It must be noted that white lies don’t often lead to the best outcomes. While white lies are meant to make others feel better or prevent them from being hurt, they are not necessarily what’s good for them. Sometimes, having a person believe in a white lie might do even more damage to them than […]

  • Underpaying


    One form of stealing that many people tend to overlook is underpaying. Underpaying is paying less than is deserved for services or labor. It violates the 8th commandment because it unfairly deprives workers of their just due. Underpaying is a form of stealing by withholding from another what should be rightfully theirs. In James 5:4-6, […]

  • Using Other People’s Work

    Using Other People’s Work

    Being robbed of intangible property can be more damaging than being robbed of physical possessions.  For example, a woman is in the process of writing a children’s book. She shows her nearly-completed book to a colleague, who is impressed by her work. The colleague then decides to start making his own book as well. This […]

  • Avoid Wastefulness

    Avoid Wastefulness

    Wasting is a form of stealing because, similar to greed, it takes more than what is needed or necessary from the shared pool of resources belonging to all of humanity. The poor and the needy are deprived of their right to eat because these sinners chose to take more than what was needed, resulting in […]

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