Bishop Jordan

As the Master Prophet with over 30 years of sight beyond sight, I differ from those who can operate with extra-sensory perception, for my calling as a Master Prophet endows me with a degree of authority. As a Master Prophet, I can truly decree a thing and see it established — just like the prophets of the Scriptures. “And it came to pass” is the test of a true prophet, and God has indeed made His Word come to pass with the prophecies He empowered me to speak.

As a Master Prophet, not only am I able to accurately see and speak to you about your past, present and future, but I also give you clear insight and understanding of what God has planned for you.

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Respect Requires Humility

What does it mean to fulfill the fifth commandment of God? According to the previous chapters, giving honor to your parents means that you give them high regards and respect. This means that you know their importance and value in your life. You obey them and respect them even if they have imperfections. The fifth […]

  • Sometimes Honor Does Not Equate to Love

    Sometimes Honor Does Not Equate to Love

    Why do you honor and respect others? It is because they deserve to be respected or to be honored. As mentioned in the previous chapter, everybody deserves respect. But do you love all the people you respect or give honor to? Or the question rather is, does giving honor or respect to people automatically mean […]

  • Respecting the Decision of God

    Respecting the Decision of God

    Your parents are God’s chosen people to nurture you and make you the best person God intends you to be. You cannot choose your parents. You cannot change them. They were handpicked by God to become your family. And so you must give your highest respect to them. When you respect your parents, you are […]

  • What do False Prophets Say about the Gospel?

    What do False Prophets Say about the Gospel?

    What do false prophets say about the gospel? Their interpretation of the gospel identifies the first point of error with the following deviations: they reject the cross; they reject salvation through Christ alone; they reject salvation through his blood; and they reject the payment of blood of Jesus for the penalty of sin for people […]